Return on investment

AeroTherm saves up to 35% energy, which is equivalent to the expected energy savings of traditional insulation systems. Typically these internal or external wall insulation systems cost c. $112 - $135 a square metre fully installed. The cost of an AeroTherm installation will be dependent upon your property but will be substantially less than this. This is due to the simple application process of just applying a 1mm coating on to the existing internal walls. For home owners looking for an effective solid wall insulation which is breathable and doesn't impact on space, there may not be another option

The certification from the independent testing carried out on AeroTherm states that you can under size your heating system by 35% for underfloor radiant heating. This means that if you were to install a new heating system, you could save up to 35% of the upfront installation costs, if you were to also have AeroTherm applied to the property at the same time.


Reduced Condensation

Warm Walls Prevent Surface Moisture

Warm Walls, Cozier Rooms

No Cold Spots in the Room

No Loss of Space

1mm Thick Product

A Cheaper Alternative

1/2 the Cost but Just as Effective as Conventional Internal or External Insulation

A Simple Application

No More Disruptive Than When You Re-Decorate

Quick Installation

2 Day Installation Process with Minimal Disruption

Reduced Mold

No Condensation Means No Mold Growth

A Hassle Free Process

AeroTherm Addresses Many Practical Concerns and Complications Associated with Internal and External Wall Insulation