AeroTherm incorporates advanced materials into a high performance insulation

AeroTherm uses exciting new technologies introduced into the construction industry by Scientific Institutions to create a thermal reflecting coating which re-thinks how the whole concept of heat and energy can be conserved within a building. By focusing on the available radiant energy to absorb and reflect heat back into the room, it is able to quickly achieve a thermal balance which prevents heat loss and makes living conditions far more comfortable. Here are the key facts:

Lower Energy Bills

Up To 35% Savings - The Equivalent Of Savings Achieved By Conventional EWI/IWI But At Half The Cost

Faster Heat Up Times

27% Faster When Warming To Ambient Room Temperature

Longer Cool Down Times

Nearly Twice As Long To Cool 3 Degrees After The Heating Has Been Turned Off

Lower Thermostat Settings

Wall To Wall Warmth With Less Cold Spots Means You Can Still Feel Comfortable With The Thermostat Set A Lower Temperature

More Balanced Temperature

Reduced Floor To Ceiling Temperature Differences

Reduced Heating System

A Lower Powered Heating System Can Be Installed