AeroTherm for my home

AeroTherm is the new way to a warmer home and smaller bills, with minimal space loss.

By incorporating advanced reflective technology into just a 1mm plaster coating, AeroTherm can transform the comfort level in your home.

AeroTherm is similar to a plaster and can be applied straight on to the walls and ceilings of any home. It is particularly well suited to solid wall properties, which typically have limited options to apply retrofit insulation. The ultra-thin heat reflective coating does more than just save up to 35% on your heating bills, it provides many additional benefits that will transform the way we insulate our homes.

  • no loss of space ... only 1mm thick when applied
  • warmer, cosier rooms ... rooms heat up faster and stay warm for longer
  • thermal comfort ... eliminates cold spots, providing warmth throughout the room
  • helps eliminate condensation & mould ... a major cause of skin allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

AeroTherm is only 1mm thick because it has incorporated advanced materials with the latest developments in reflective technology to provide a plaster coating which is able to absorb and then reflect radiant heat. This process is very effective at quickly balancing internal temperatures and achieving thermal comfort for the occupants at lower thermostat settings.

Installing the AeroTherm insulation is similar to conventional plastering and once complete is simply re-decorated with your preferred choice of paint or wallpaper. The impressive performance and smooth white plaster finish can be easily achieved by competent plasterers who follow the application guidelines.