Industrial and alternative applications

AeroTherm is not just for the domestic housing market.

Its breathability, superior fire rating and strong adhesion properties means that it can be used in a diverse range of applications. The option of a spray application allows for AeroTherm to provide a practical solution for improving insulation to many building types.

  • public buildings - government office, hospital, school, museum, 
  • historic buildings - religious buildings, castles, country estate,  village hall, mill
  • modular buildings - retail outlet, supermarket, office block, shopping centre, hotel, 
  • structural steel buildings - warehouse, factory, barn, greenhouse, brewery, garage, workshop



Industrial Applications

AeroTherm also has the potential for many industrial applications including furnaces and plant equipment. It can significantly reduces the surface temperature and help lower the external surrounding air temperature.  Expect to save up to 25% energy when applied to hot equipment with a surface temperature of up to 150OC.
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Alternative Uses

Frame Sealant

The following video shows an alternative use for AeroTherm. By incorporating AeroTherm Industry into a tube, it can be used as a frame sealant, providing an effective insulant to improve the thermal performance of window and door frames, as well as floor and wall perimeters.  Please contact us to discuss potential opportunities.