AeroTherm for my business

The cost effective internal insulation, which will not interfere with existing infrastructure

The energy saving solution of choice for business premises and public buildings.

Every business is presented with particular challenges when considering the best method to reduce energy use in the workplace and ensure a reasonable level of thermal comfort for their occupants.

AeroTherm is the low cost option for internal insulation and will not interfere with existing infrastructure or change the appearance. Large buildings can allow for a very quick and efficient installation programme, covering large areas with little downtime and disruption to the occupants.

Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions

Many companies are targeted on reducing energy usage and CO2 emissions as part of their environmental and corporate social responsibility policies.  In many cases, all the obvious and straight forward measures have been taken.  For companies to go that next stage further they need to consider insulation and AeroTherm provides the most cost effective and practical solution.  It can easily be incorporated as part of a renovation cycle or as a specific energy saving initiative. 

AeroTherm and Cooling

By applying AeroTherm to the outside of a cold store building, heat is immediately reflected away from the cold store facility, thus reducing the energy required to cool the unit.

Supermarkets have a requirement for both hot and cold areas within each of their stores. AeroTherm provides an opportunity to reduce the energy consumed in keeping these areas at their required temperatures without significant investment in new buildings and equipment.

If AeroTherm is designed into the new build specification of a building, a cold store can use lower powered cooling equipment, saving up front capital costs.

Many lorries and commercial vehicles contain refrigeration. AeroTherm is a perfect product to help insulate these vehicles as it is very light weight and does not take up valuable space. A lower cooling requirement will reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption.